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The Los Angeles Lakers are a team in need of improvement and are desperate to find the best players possible. The rumors are growing louder and the Lakers are said to be interested in trading for Buddy Hield. Howard is one of five players reported to be on the market. The deadline to make a deal is Thursday, and it’s likely that the noise will increase until then. To stay on top of the latest , subscribe to Silver Screen and Roll, a podcast with reporters.

lakers news

The Lakers are looking to make a big trade to improve their roster. They are interested in trading for a player with experience and a high ceiling. They’ve been linked to the Rockets’ guard John Wall, but haven’t found a deal that fits their budget. The Lakers have also been linked to the Thunder’s Harrison Barnes and Ben Simmons. The team is expected to complete the deal in the coming days.

The Lakers are also interested in Jerami Grant. The Utah Jazz are interested in acquiring the former Oklahoma City Thunder guard and could use his shooting ability to add to the already talented roster. The trade deadline is quickly approaching, and the Lakers haven’t moved any assets yet. However, they’re likely to make a big trade this summer to get a star player for their roster. In addition to Barnes, the Lakers are also pursuing Ben Simmons, Harrison Barnes, and Jeram Grant.

The Houston Rockets are also interested in a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. While this would be an extreme stretch, the Rockets are looking to trade Anthony Davis. While they have few assets to move, they want to make a big trade in the trade deadline. If they want to get a big player in return, they should target the Indiana Pacers’ center Myles Turner. The defensive ability of Myles Turner would be an excellent match with Anthony Davis. The Lakers also have looked into Ben Simmons and Harrison Barnes.

In terms of player trades, the Lakers have been criticized for the recent trade of Russell Westbrook. But their trade of Westbrook was influenced by LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and they both have their own interests. While Westbrook’s fit with the Lakers has been ponderous, both players were under pressure to make the deal. If the Lakers do not make a deal before the deadline, they may end up facing the same fate.

In terms of player trades, the Lakers have been on the receiving end of numerous offers. Their most likely target is Jerami Grant, who is said to be a prime candidate for the Lakers. The other two teams, however, have been hesitant to make a deal due to the high cost. So, both sides have expressed interest in the same player. They’re both considered marginal assets in the NBA. In fact, the Lakers have a few different options.

The Lakers are also interested in trades. The Los Angeles Lakers have long been a top target of the Indiana Pacers. The Indiana Pacers have few assets to move, but are looking at LeBron James’ injury. They are not the only team to consider trades. As the deadline draws nearer, they’re attempting to get the best players possible. But their plans may be delayed. In the meantime, the Lakers have been shopping around for Jerami Grant.

While the NBA trade deadline is just a few weeks away, the Los Angeles Lakers have been at the center of trade rumors for some time. While LeBron and Russell Westbrook have struggled this season, Anthony Davis’ return will help the Lakers in the postseason race. Nunn is still trying to make his comeback, but the NBA isn’t making any changes to his roster. The rumors have been going on for years, and the team is in a position where they can make a move.

After a tough start to the season, the Lakers have been in the center of trade rumors. While they’ve been in the center of the rumor mill for weeks, the Lakers are now on the edge of the playoffs and are in the midst of a potential deal with the Rockets. If they are able to get their way with this deal, they’ll have a chance to win the NBA title.

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