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LeBron James and WWE Legend Steve Austin

The day after the Cleveland Cavaliers signed LeBron James, the two superstars took part in a live WWE taping. As the WWE’s unofficial King of the Ring, Austin coined the catchphrase “Austin 3:16,” which he used in the 1996 finals against Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Fans have argued that the King of the North is a mere copy of the legendary wrestling star.

lebron james stone cold steve austin

In addition to the event, LeBron James also wore a special edition Stone Cold shirt in honor of Austin, which was a fitting tribute to the former WWE star. The shirt featured the classic Wrestling legend’s catchphrase, “Austin 3:16.” After Stone Cold’s KOTR win over Jake Roberts in the 1996 King of the Ring finals, the phrase was born.

Throughout the years, Austin and James developed a close friendship and a mutual respect for one another. But, they’ve never appeared together or released any podcast together. Then again, Stone Cold and King James have a long history together. Both men are legendary in their own right. Despite their kinship, the two have never stepped into a ring together.

In 2009, the two became part owners of the Boston Red Sox and were inducted into the Fenway Sports Group. While doing so, LeBron wore an Austin-inspired 3:16 T-shirt, a tribute to the late wrestler’s unofficial holiday. The number three is a reference to Stone Cold’s famous catchphrase, “Austin 3:16,” which was coined after Austin’s victory over Jake Roberts in the 1996 King of the Ring finals. Then, when the two wrestled again in 2007, the phrase came into being and is still known as “Austin 3:16” shirt.

While the two wrestlers have been friends for years, they’ve never met in person. Despite this, they’ve been mutually respectful of one another, and their appearances together are highly unusual. The and WWE have been the most successful sports teams in history. The ’s championship is the ultimate prize for any wrestler. The has made the NBA champion the world’s most popular player.

In addition to the game, Stone Cold Austin also inspired the NBA’s championship tournament. After a loss, Stone Cold won the championship. A victory over the former World Championship Wrestling champion in 1996 was the first in the world of pro wrestling. The game ended with an epic battle between the Lakers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Los Angeles Lakers were forced to play without LeBron James.

During the game, Stone Cold and King James were shown in separate video clips. Both men were in the same room during the match. While the two have a mutual respect for each other, neither has ever appeared together. While they’ve never fought each other in the ring, they’ve both shown their admiration for each other in other media. However, they have never done a podcast together, but they are great friends.

Stone Cold and King James have been close for years, and they’re very friendly and mutually respectful. Even though they’ve never met in person, they’ve had plenty of opportunities to talk to each other about their respective careers. Regardless of their rivalries, the two men have remained in contact and have mutual respect for each other. Although there’s a history between the two, the relationship between the two is not official but is still a very strong one.

In a recent interview with HollywoodLife, The Texas Rattlesnake shared the same insight as LeBron James. While they didn’t face each other in the ring, the two men had the same interest in a match. Their mutual admiration for the sport led to a close partnership. This was followed by a meeting in a nightclub called The Attitude Era. While the two have yet to meet in person, the two are still on the same page, and they are in a position to communicate.

A second major tribute to Austin’s career was his appearance on TV. He and appeared on the same show as a villain. During the playoffs, Austin and LeBron had an altercation, which resulted in a televised show. The impromptu appearance was a rare opportunity for the two stars to meet. In a sense, he was the first star of the WWE to have an in-ring interview with an iconic athlete.

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